Why Small Businesses Prefer Bigcommerce over Magento?

Are you thinking about to start your own online store? or want to switch the existing platform? Magento and Bigcommerce are known as the major two platforms in the worldwide. Undoubtedly, Magento is the best platform with the brand and by comparison to Bigcommerce doesn’t have big brand, but it is most popular among small business who are looking for low cost managed eCommerce solution. Have a look at few features as it helps you to compare why Bigcommerce is better than Magento for small business.

At the end of the day, Bigcommerce is much easier to navigate. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or HTML. It’s been designed for anybody to use. The time spent updating our site went down by 50% after moving to Bigcommerce.— Matthew Tara, CEO of Tucker Blair

BigCommerce & Magento

No Technical Knowledge Required:

Starting an online store is the daunting task especially when you don’t have any technical knowledge. Bigcommerce can help you to take your small business into something bigger. However, without any technical knowledge of HTML or CSS you can also set up a store easily with the help of Bigcommerce. You can easily handle Bigcommerce whereas Magento required developer for setting up an online store. Building a store on a Bigcommerce platform is very easy while Magento requires extensive technical knowledge to explore this platform.

Setup your store at minimal cost:

Bigcommerce offers different plans and it starts with the silver plan at $29.95, Gold plan at $79.95 and platinum plan at $199.95 per month. If you are new into eCommerce business and doesn’t have much start-up capital or want to start business at minimal cost, Bigcommerce is the perfect for small business. All plans include standard features like easy to set up and sell unlimited products, SEO optimized site, easy to access 150 single click app for third party integration. There are also enterprise level plans on Bigcommerce and you will get higher bandwidth, priority support, high volume API calls, capabilities for multiple stores. This platform also uses easy linking to more than 65 payment systems like PayPal.

Additionally, Bigcommerce has more than 100 free themes to choose from and all themes are responsive. Therefore, Setup a store using BigCommerce using customizable themes you can easily design your web store. While setting up your store in Magento is very expensive for small business because not all the plans of Magento are budget-friendly as compared to Bigcommerce.


Bigcommerce is fully hosted and you don’t need to worry about IT issues with hosting. Bigcommerce is fully managed eCommerce platform that includes everything that you need to sell your products online. Whereas, Magento is not self-hosted and that is the reason you need to hire developer for hosting. Don’t go for cheap hosting services because you can not achieve the best result as you desire. However, if you want to go for cheap hosting then to choose nexcess.net because it offers stable, secure and scalable build in Magento hosting solution.

Support options:

You can get 24/7 support with phone, FAQs, email, live chat and forum. Bigcommerce offer Facebook and Twitter support as well. Most of the business owners face some technical problem while running online store particularly when you are missing out sales or creating the poor first impression for potential customers. Therefore, support is the good thing about the Bigcommerce. You can sell your products on Facebook and eBay with the help of social media support. However, the free version of Magento has limited support so if you want a little more help and user-friendly features then you have to select enterprise edition.

Apps & Integration:

Bigcommerce is powerful platform because they have a number of useful apps. The quality app helps to take your business into the high level and gives you ease of usage. Bigcommerce has own app store so once your business is growing it that helps you to get more advanced tool to expand the functionality of your eCommerce store. Now adding app is easy, just you need to select the appropriate categories from the navigation menu and select the app that you like to install so install it and configure it.

These apps can also help you to manage and automate administrative tasks such as inventory management and customer shipping services. In fact, these apps can automate everyday task that you need to do when you are running your store. Undoubtedly, you can save your time and focus on the vital aspects of your business. In addition, Bigcommerce offers an advanced level of integration with eBay as well. Therefore, if you want Bigcommerce interface and feature set but want to sell on eBay then using this platform is the right choice for you. Managing the app and integration in Magento is not that much easy as Bigcommerce.


If you are looking for the perfect eCommerce solution and want something with great features and works without technical knowledge, Bigcommerce is the right option for you. If you are considering Bigcommerce or want some more help, feel free to share your experience with us. We specialize in developing for this platform so we would like to help you. Still not sure which platform to use for your eCommerce store, checkout our another post regarding BigCommerce Alternatives.

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiay is a CEO of Creative Glance Technologies and Co-Founder of SocialPilot.co. He enjoys exploring new tools, writing on social media marketing practise and technology trends.
Jimit Bagadiya

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Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiay is a CEO of Creative Glance Technologies and Co-Founder of SocialPilot.co. He enjoys exploring new tools, writing on social media marketing practise and technology trends.