Innovative guidelines for website design

We can make a good website design through federation of native brainpower and well arrangement. Website design is the important part of website development. With the help of attractive and user friendly website design you can able to attract more visitors towards your site. Website design contain important part like content, functionality, compatibility etc. You can hire website designer and developer to develop your application. Here we discuss some important factors of website design which is helpful to make your website successful.

Website Content

Visitors want to get well-informed information source in your website which means you must have to put a well familiar content in your website. Your content will provide or explain information about your work, product or services to the user so you have to provide valuable description in your content. Keep in mind that a website having good functionality and design but very poor content is not acceptable by visitors.

Website Functionality and Features

Website functionality and features are also very important to make website popular. Every user wants easy functionality and useful features on website they visit. Make navigation part user friendly and provide facilities like online payment, online purchase, and much more.

Loading Speed of Website

Sometimes to make website attractive there will be a lot of designing done, but it will result in poor speed of website loading. Every user wants their result as fast as possible and for that you have to make your website loading time less as much as possible. Heavy graphics should be avoid as much as possible to increase the speed of website loading. Making loading time about 10 to 12 seconds can be ideal.

Browser Compatibility

There are many different browsers available and used by the users. Your website design must work properly in the most widely used browsers. Remember that website visitors may have different machines with them and they going to use your website with different browsers on it. Good web design requires your web pages to work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Safari at a minimum. Validating your HTML code will help but the final test is to view your website in different browsers running on different platforms.

Layout of Website

Website layout is important one for your website design. Try to make website layout simple as you can, Because of simple layout people can easily find their way around your website. If your website layout is complex and visitors can’t find their way easily, you will lose current as well as future visitors of your website. Simple layout will also helpful to make your website search engine friendly and can get benefit in SERP.

Website Navigation

Website navigation allows user to go through one part to another in your website. User can search and surf your website content and other useful pages through navigation. Website navigation should be easy and user friendly as user can get their desired result easily. Complex navigation system will confuse the users and will result in loss of visitors. Easy navigation is also very useful to make your website search engine friendly. Crawlers can easily find paths in your website and you will get benefit of SERP.

Check out Broken Links

Broken links are the links which has no destinations or can fail to reach destinations assigned to them. Broken links will give error to user and stop your site from working properly. Broken links will create negative impression on users and search engine crawlers. Periodically check your entire website link that they are valid or not.

Color Combination and Graphics

Color and graphics are also important for website design. Make right choice for color as it is also helpful to make your website attractive. Generally business websites select light colors and background designs which will helpful to make website simple but still attractive. Put graphics related to your product and information you provide which will make website more descriptive and user friendly. Try to avoid heavy and unnecessary graphics and dark colors as much as possible.

There are many other small point which has to be keep in mind like font selection, style of navigation, where to put useful links etc. Whenever you are trying to make successful website you have to consider all these points.

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