Wordpress Development

WordPress is the little guy that made it big

When WordPress first made its appearance in the world of open source platforms, nobody imagined that the little guy will go on to scale the popularity charts. At the back of this platform was a simple enough concept; it wanted to offer bloggers an easy to use blogging platform that had all the necessary functionalities and features that could help achieve blogging success.

Very soon from a publishing platform, it made its transition to also becoming a content management system (CMS) and quickly achieved success as a CMS as well. Again, its success came off as a surprise because a) it had to fight off challenge from plenty of other CMSs both open source and proprietary b) it didn’t have out of the box characteristics that differentiated it from its competitors.

But, here we are wrong; users, and I am talking about developers and end users, realized that there was one characteristic that made WordPress a better choice in terms of  a publishing system and CMS as compared to other platforms – this characteristic was usability.

For my money, it was usability, convenience and the fact that it is so easy to use and to understand that has made it one of the most popular open source platforms over the years.
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