Website Design

Advantages of Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is about a single website with the same content that changes its layout based on the client device.

If you don’t want to manage different sites for different devices like desktops, mobiles, tables etc. The solution is Responsive Web Design (RWD). Responsive Web lets you build one website that displays well on a majority of browsers and mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Responsive Web Design

The main advantages of responsive design are:
• Your site is easily accessible on any type of device.
• It will help you in decreasing bounce rate.
• Deliver a better user experience.
• RWD is better for SEO than separate website for desktop and mobile devices.

A “responsive” web means that your website will automatically adjusts as per user device according to resolution and size of image. With a responsive site, all devices display all of your content and mobile or tablet users do not miss out on anything.

If you need a Responsive Website then our team of experienced designer and developers will work for you to deliver a custom responsive website that meets your needs.

Magento Responsive Theme – How does it look on your Mobile?

In the mobile world, Smart phones and tablets are now become handy tool to browser internet, connect with friends on social media and buying a product with few taps on mobile. Use of mobile phone in eCommerce industries are increasing in such rapid speed that all major eCommerce players are making their website responsive.

Responsive website is a new way of designing a website in which website adjusts its look and feel based on device, platforms and browsers. It’s follow simple approach

“One website for all device, platform and browsers”

Magento responsive theme is a word to describe responsive design to sell your product using magento commerce platform. Responsive theme in magento allows user an easy access to browse catalog of products, product details, easy checkout, order history etc which help webmasters to increase their online sales and raise the return user ratio. Here are some basic points to know how magento theme looks on various platforms and which are the best alternative approaches used to show menu, sliders, layout etc. Continue reading

Website navigation – An important part of website

Website navigation is internal linking structure of the website. User can go from one page to another or can access direct desired page they want. Website navigation has external linking also as a part of it. Good website navigation is very important task for any successful website design. Website navigation creates flow for the website user to access all the pages on website. So, Website navigation must be well composed, uncomplicated to use and spontaneous. If the navigation has not been designed well it can hinder the user experience which will essentially stop the site visitors from easily flowing through the website.

Normally a home page of the website has all important links on it. Website designer provides the navigation system on the homepage as it the face of the website and user can go on any page from here. Home page of a website contains internal as well as external links on it.

Effective, proper and easy navigation is also important for the search engine optimization. Good navigation system will make your website SEO friendly and you could get benefit of the SERP and page rank of the website.

There are many ways designer can put navigation system on the website. Now a day many designer put flash or animated menu or navigation system which play major role to attract users. You can hire website designer to make navigation system for your website. Here we discuss about navigation system and how can it created in many ways.

Left Navigation:

Normally left side navigation is implemented as either a column or text area on the left top portion of the web page or home page. In left navigation system there are links given on a single text line or there will be expandable menu. It can be simple or animated.

Right Navigation:

Normally right side navigation is not used but whenever it use it is implemented as a column or text area on the top right side of webpage. Mostly this area is used for advertisement rather than site navigation.

Top menu:

Top navigation menu is normally located under the header section which contains logo or header image of the website. These menu items may be single links, drop down menus, or expanding menus. Each menu item can be represented by a graphic or just text. In ether case a hyperlink is associated with each item that the visitor can click on to reach desired page on the website.

Bottom Menus:

Bottom menu is usually used for either a menu bar or footer. Normally bottom menu contains simple text with hyperlink to the relative pages.

Internal Page Link:

Every page of the website should be containing two or three clicks from the home page. Website types consider that which link are more noticeable for displayed. Important pages should be one click away. Through internal linking users can easily find related information quickly. Internal linking can also help search engine spiders to find their way to every single page.

External Links:

External links provides links outside website or you can say that it will allow user to access pages outside of the website. This links normally text strings with hyperlinks.

Be careful when you going to make your website navigation system, because a good navigation system will give you visitors and provide you benefit in the search engine page rank where a complex navigation system will result in bad visits, loss of customers and down ranking.

It is advisable that you develop and design your website with the help of professionals. There are so many options available to choose from various service providers like magento developrs, opencart developers and many more.

Innovative guidelines for website design

We can make a good website design through federation of native brainpower and well arrangement. Website design is the important part of website development. With the help of attractive and user friendly website design you can able to attract more visitors towards your site. Website design contain important part like content, functionality, compatibility etc. You can hire website designer and developer to develop your application. Here we discuss some important factors of website design which is helpful to make your website successful.

Website Content

Visitors want to get well-informed information source in your website which means you must have to put a well familiar content in your website. Your content will provide or explain information about your work, product or services to the user so you have to provide valuable description in your content. Keep in mind that a website having good functionality and design but very poor content is not acceptable by visitors.

Website Functionality and Features

Website functionality and features are also very important to make website popular. Every user wants easy functionality and useful features on website they visit. Make navigation part user friendly and provide facilities like online payment, online purchase, and much more.

Loading Speed of Website

Sometimes to make website attractive there will be a lot of designing done, but it will result in poor speed of website loading. Every user wants their result as fast as possible and for that you have to make your website loading time less as much as possible. Heavy graphics should be avoid as much as possible to increase the speed of website loading. Making loading time about 10 to 12 seconds can be ideal.

Browser Compatibility

There are many different browsers available and used by the users. Your website design must work properly in the most widely used browsers. Remember that website visitors may have different machines with them and they going to use your website with different browsers on it. Good web design requires your web pages to work in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Safari at a minimum. Validating your HTML code will help but the final test is to view your website in different browsers running on different platforms.

Layout of Website

Website layout is important one for your website design. Try to make website layout simple as you can, Because of simple layout people can easily find their way around your website. If your website layout is complex and visitors can’t find their way easily, you will lose current as well as future visitors of your website. Simple layout will also helpful to make your website search engine friendly and can get benefit in SERP.

Website Navigation

Website navigation allows user to go through one part to another in your website. User can search and surf your website content and other useful pages through navigation. Website navigation should be easy and user friendly as user can get their desired result easily. Complex navigation system will confuse the users and will result in loss of visitors. Easy navigation is also very useful to make your website search engine friendly. Crawlers can easily find paths in your website and you will get benefit of SERP.

Check out Broken Links

Broken links are the links which has no destinations or can fail to reach destinations assigned to them. Broken links will give error to user and stop your site from working properly. Broken links will create negative impression on users and search engine crawlers. Periodically check your entire website link that they are valid or not.

Color Combination and Graphics

Color and graphics are also important for website design. Make right choice for color as it is also helpful to make your website attractive. Generally business websites select light colors and background designs which will helpful to make website simple but still attractive. Put graphics related to your product and information you provide which will make website more descriptive and user friendly. Try to avoid heavy and unnecessary graphics and dark colors as much as possible.

There are many other small point which has to be keep in mind like font selection, style of navigation, where to put useful links etc. Whenever you are trying to make successful website you have to consider all these points.

You can hire website developer company to create professional application for your business . There are so many sources available who delivers professional services for custom web development, web development with open sources like magento,  wordpress customization, opencart customization etc.

Skills for website design and development

For any modern business website is very important one. It should be well structured, professional looking and user friendly for showcasing your business and the services which are offer by your business. With the swift growth in the internet market the first impression of your website is essential. When you are going to design or developed any website you must have skills of designing and developing website. Some important skills for website design and website development are indicate here.

Custom Website Design and Development

Web Designs are either simple or complex, in some cases it can be done well or much badly. Simple website may easy for developing as it has simple look and simple navigation system, but now a days professional websites are in demand and it requires solid foundation in graphic design principles as well as knowledge in creating website. Previously, the internet was place where anyone could blow a bunch of text and photos and become a serious player. At the moment, users are more classy, expectations have risen, and professional website design has become the minimum standard and requirement. Through a custom website design, you can carry out new concept easily. You can develop yourself or can hire professional website designer and developer who is capable of designing web 2.0 based website.

Open Source Customization

Open source like wordpress, joomla, or drupal, magento are very supportive for design and develop the custom website. You can easily add blog, news, pictures etc…to your website with the help of open source. Open source has less bugs as it has pass all alpha and beta release and then steady version will published. You can also develop your application with the help of sources who provides the services for wordpress customization, magento customization etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Through the Search engine optimization process you can improve the traffic of your website. Search engine optimization will help you grow your business by providing traffic. SEO is helpful to convert your visitor in to customer. SEO aim different kinds of search, like image search, local search, video search and industry-specific vertical search engines. SEO process is required to give the presence to website on the internet.

Website Maintenance

Once website is online, you must maintain it. Website need to update regularly by small or big changes in it. Sometimes the changes are very simple and sometimes very big like adding an event, new section or functionality to website. You have to update your website with fresh content regularly, it will give your website a long life and popularity. Put creative and attractive features on your site to get more visitors online. You can hire skilled programmer for more ideas and functionality.

Web Redesign

Website redesign is the perfect way to stay up to date with the internet and current trend. In the web world give a corporate identity to your business through the well made website design. The excellent website design demonstrates the vision of the company. Remember that, the extended change and development in the web industry the website needs to be rearranging to prevent being lost in the crowd. With the help of redesigning we can rise up the image and makes the website more user and seo friendly.

Web Hosting

Web hosting service for the website is one of the most important steps. Think about it when you will plan a website design or web development project. There are lots of web hosting service providers available over the internet, but you have to be careful to choose them. Choose the experienced and good service provider hosting company for perfect maintenance of your website.

Website – Essential thing for business

People use web or internet services to search the products and services which they want to buy or know. Internet is the place which allow you to put your product online with the help of website.

Website is like the online presence of your business. Website is affordable with low startup costs and distribution. . It saves you on time, money and energy usually incurred by the printing of brochures, flyers and pamphlets. A website increases your business’s visibility globally.

A web site is a great sales multiplier for any product or service, business to consumer or business to business. Business website is like dynamic multimedia sales tool and it can include video and audio plus company and product information. You can directly interact with the customer online.

You can get your business website with the help of the website development company. Be choosy when you are going to consult an development company, always go with reputed and genuine developers though it may cost you a bit hire but it also delivers you a perfect business website with standard and you can also get maintenance service. You can also hire part time or full time developing services for website customization according to your choice. There are so many service providers are available for magento customization, wordpress customization etc.

If you not have your business website then there is possibility that you ruin your chances of growing your business against competitors online. You have to stay up to date with business competition, by adopting current trends and technology, Otherwise you will lose potential (even current) customers. A website provides you with the opportunity to equally compete with larger competitors.

Through a website you can get instant leads and information gathering by using online survey forms for your products. Customer can contact you for inquiry, complain, and direct interaction. You can also be supplied with valuable and instant feedback on existing product or service. You can use visitor’s surveys for product and services.

As Website is visible everywhere, so there is no limitation of geographical area to advertise your business. Through a website your business can reach towards possible and current clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!. A website can be use as most effective marketing tool, with global marketing capabilities 24 x 7.

As website work as representative for your business, It is very important that your website is user attractive with product details and eye-catching by design A well-designed website can make your business more and more successful. Always keep your website update with unique content and useful information to hold the current and possible customers.

Why frequently website updatingis important?

Your website design is outstanding and it contains best features but your website does not have better traffic. Well the question rise definitely. Designers and developers can’t figure out the reason of low traffic and why people aren’t paying attention on their website. Well, the reason is that your website is not meeting to the nature of the internet implies that the latest thing and latest information is available at any hour of the day.

Your website must update regularly with new useful information every day. An up-updated website is same as old storage room of particular information. And the people don’t like to read or see same thing or information which they have previously watched or read. And because of this reason you may loss your potential customers. Suppose you generate high ranking and be on top of world. But you are not frequently update your website with fresh content, eventually your ranking will fall as other competitors move past your stale offering.

Not only content on individual page of website but you should also add new pages and section to your web site. The internet is quickly moving to most dynamic nature.

Frequently updated website provides many new facilities and latest information to your visitors. So if your website is updated and they find some thing new they will come back repeatedly and rapidly to your website and this way you can increase traffic of your website. It results in better of your product or service.

Website which is regularly updates their content gain more traffic over the long haul. Most important reason to update your site is to get search engine spiders crawling to your page. Each time the spider visit your website page it will find a new content. This will get your pages indexed and lead to higher rankings and traffic. Remember thing that every pages that added to your website increases your opportunity for sale. This is so because additional pages allow for more indexing.

If you want high page ranking and want to keep concentration of your visitors on your website. You have to introduce fresh and useful content on your website keeping up with the trends. You also have to design your site as per the trend, as people don’t like the boring plain or outdated designed website. Try to keep your site updated with interesting, exciting content and the rankings will not fall and you can get more traffic.

Search engines don’t pay any attention to the websites which are no regularly updated. This is the most important reason that updating of website regularly is most essential thing. Search engines programs search the web and analyze websites based upon a wide variety of factors. One of these factors is how frequently sites are updated and with what kind of content. By updating your site frequently, you are effectively telling these search engine programs, often referred to as spiders or bots, that your website is dynamic, moving, ever-changing and interesting. Clearly, a website that is updated frequently will look as though it has a good deal more to offer potential visitors than a site that is updated once every six months or once a year.

There is so many techniques available in the market like magento customization, wordpress customization, joomla customization etc for your website updating and development.

How to avoid common website design mistakes?

Your Website is the showcase of your business. So your website should appeal to your visitors. But there are some mistakes of website design which scare visitors away than luring them.  Every website designer should avoid those mistakes. Here we explain some of them mistakes.
1)    If visitors can not find what your site is about in a few time, they will be probably just go somewhere else. Your site must impress for what this site is being here in a few seconds.

2)    You should avoid the use of fancy and unreadable font.  The Font looks good and fit in your site design but if they are not readable for users then it is meaningless. No one can read your message which you want to deliver to the users. Must follow web 2.0 website design rule for designing website.

3)    You do not resize your user’s browsers window, the user should be control of his/her browser because If you resize it you will risk to mess things up on his side, and what is worse you might lose your credibility in front of him.

4)    Never subscribe the visitor for something without his consent it means does not automatically subscribe a visitor to newsletters when he registers up on your site. Sending unsolicited emails around is not the best way to make friends.

5)    Try to avoid overuse of flash because apart from increasing the load time of your website, too much usage of flash might be irritating your website visitors. Use it only when you want to offer some features that are not supported by static pages.

6)    If your website requires an audio file in your website so let the user start it like if you want to deliver a speech to the user or your guided tour might have audio component. That is fine. Just let users push the “play” button.  Otherwise when user starts to access the website the music will be block on user’s face.

7)    Make sure to include anchor text on links because it is easier to tell people to “click here”. But this is not efficient.  Make sure to include a relevant anchor text on your links. It will ensure that the reader knows where he is going to if he clicks the link and it will also create search engine optimization benefits for the external site where the link is pointing. A skilled and experienced website design company can help you for avoid your mistakes.

8)    Website designer should try to avoid complex url structure because a simple, keyword-based URL structure will not only improve your search engine rankings, but it will also make it easier for the reader to identify the content of your pages before visiting them.

9)    Website designer make sure that users can search whole website. Most of people are going to search for any thing they want in search engines. So try to make your website search engine friendly.

10)    Try to avoid the complex navigation structure because it confused users where they should go to find the information they are looking for. Because of complex navigation user not stay to your site for long time they leave it in short time.