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The Social Aspect of Mobile App Marketing


The Social Aspect of Mobile App Marketing

Once your ad is up and running in all the appropriate app stores, you’ve probably started some mobile ads like most developers do. While this is a good avenue to pursue downloads, there are many other ways to drive demand, and, unlike ads, they’re free! There’s a lot of competition from major app companies in the app stores, but you can cut through the noise by using the social aspect of mobile app marketing. Social media is a very effective tool for the purposes of marketing your app. You simply need to know how to use it properly.

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Wearable Health Apps – The Future of Digital Healthcare Industry

There is a huge emerging market today for wearable health apps and devices. The apps are deemed to transform the field of medical science and wellness in incredible ways. Such apps are now available in plenty of fields like wellness and health care, security, sports, business operations, lifestyle, glamour, communication etc.

According to researches, the sale of wearable medical devices is expected to reach an annual 100 million by 2016 and the sale of sports related apps is deemed to reach 80 million by 2016. In the healthcare sector, themarket for the wearable technologies is expected to exceed $2.9 billion in 2016. Thus the wearable health devices and apps are being touted as the next big technological wave after tablets.

Wearable technology and devices in healthcare industry have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare market and this will help the patients as well as the clinicians to monitor the vital symptoms and signs of the crucial health parameters like ECG monitors, glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors etc.


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Launch of Apple iPhone 5S, 5C and iOS7 – What to expect on 10 Sep

Apple Inc., is going launch the new iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iOS 7 on 10th September 2013.

iPhone 5S is rumored to come in multiple colors, with the biggest hardware change possibly with a fingerprint scanner on the Home button. iPhone 5C is likely to be a cheaper model.

Apple iPhone 5S, 5C and iOS7

Take a look at what is expected from Apple’s event.

– The iPhone 5S is expected to come with a display carrying twice the pixels than the current generation.
– The iPhone 5S is rumored to come in four colors – Gold, Slate, White, and Graphite.
– The iPhone 5S is expected to come out with Dual-LED flash.
– It is highly probable that Apple will improve the current 8MP camera to at least 13 megapixels.
– iPhone 5S will have almost exactly the same design as the iPhone 5 with the same look and feel physically but with a speed boost; new processor, and new graphics capabilities.

– The iPhone 5C is supposed to be the cheaper version of the premium iPhone brand.
– According to this video, the five different colors for the iPhone 5C include Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and White.
– The iPhone 5C is reported to come with an eight-megapixel camera and 1 GB of RAM.

– A release for iOS 7 will be one of the largest announcements we get from the show.
– It brings new APIs, and a brand new flatter design, brighter colors and gradients.

We’ll be doing a deep dive into all of the new stuff in our full review, but there’s always the chance that company could reveal something entirely unexpected soon. All apple-watchers can pile together all the Apple rumors they’d like, but at the end of the day the element of surprise cannot be underestimated.

Get ready for something never-before-seen, who knows! may we’ll be just as surprised as the rest of you. 🙂

Mobile apps are revolutionizing education in more ways than we can think

It’s 2020 and little Ted enjoys going to school or shall we staying at home because he doesn’t really have to go to school to learn. He can open his “school app” and access the class room lecture right from the confines of his home.

This is just a small example of how mobile apps are changing and will change education of the future, or shall we say how education is imparted in the future.

Mobile Apps Development Let’s cut to the present. Mobile apps that belong to the education category are a popular pick on the iTunes store, Google Play, and even the BlackBerry App World.  The reason is clear; more and more children are becoming technically savvy enough to use their smartphones or tablets and parents are allowing them to download and use mobile apps as a learning tool.

Interactive Learning

Learning will not be boring now. Mobile apps are turning it into an interactive experience. Let’s take the example of all those apps that revolve around improving a child’s vocabulary and pronunciation skills. Why do you think children do not get tired of using such apps; it’s because its various functionalists are able to engage the user and they are able to learn better and the fact that they are able to quickly grasp what they are trying to learn, makes the child want to learn more.

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