Get More From Your Ecommerce Website For This 2015 Holiday Season

It’s that time again! The holiday season just around the corner, undoubtedly Thanksgiving and Black Friday is considered as the most profitable time of the year for online businesses. In the cutthroat competition of online businesses, every business owner wants to stand out from the crowd, ahead of their competitor and want to earn more revenue. But what you can do for getting more numbers of order?

So, here I have explained what should be done to stay ahead of the competition and how to plan for the upcoming holiday season when it comes to marketing your eCommerce store. Let’s take a look.

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Must Have OpenCart Extensions That Give Your eCommerce Store An Edge

OpenCart is an excellent open source shopping cart platform that’s used by a number of businesses across the globe. One of the best features of the OpenCart is that you can connect the different extension to your website to provide added functionality. There are many extensions available but once you added to your store it will enhance your sales, cart’s functionality and shopping experience as well as promote your brand through social networking streamline customer transactions and more.
OpenCart extensions
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9 Consumer Review Platform Where You Can’t Afford Low Rating

Online reviews have become a vital part of running any type of small and large business. Just as people check yahoo local for business review or top rated services and events, online reviews have a place in any business, from eCommerce sites to blogs to educational sites and so on. Having positive online reviews not only helps your company stand apart from your competition but also makes your online presence.


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7 Awesome Android Apps Development Tools Every Developer Must Follow

Android device is the leading mobile operating system in the market. Basically, Android is the open-source project developed and maintained by Google. When it comes to creating an Android app with android software are easy task if you are aware of the basics and interested in the smart phone programming. For creating amazing Android app, you just require simple and easy to use tools.

It is found that there were more than billion activated Android devices in use globally. Many applications are being developed for smart phones, tablets and much more. If you are a professional Android developer, you must follow the several tools available and that make your job much easier. So, for ease out your work I have mentioned 7 online tools below that every Android developer should know about as well as it helps you to enhance your productivity and concentrate on the core app functionality itself.


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The Social Aspect of Mobile App Marketing


The Social Aspect of Mobile App Marketing

Once your ad is up and running in all the appropriate app stores, you’ve probably started some mobile ads like most developers do. While this is a good avenue to pursue downloads, there are many other ways to drive demand, and, unlike ads, they’re free! There’s a lot of competition from major app companies in the app stores, but you can cut through the noise by using the social aspect of mobile app marketing. Social media is a very effective tool for the purposes of marketing your app. You simply need to know how to use it properly.

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Why Small Businesses Prefer Bigcommerce over Magento?

Are you thinking about to start your own online store? or want to switch the existing platform? Magento and Bigcommerce are known as the major two platforms in the worldwide. Undoubtedly, Magento is the best platform with the brand and by comparison to Bigcommerce doesn’t have big brand, but it is most popular among small business who are looking for low cost managed eCommerce solution. Have a look at few features as it helps you to compare why Bigcommerce is better than Magento for small business.

At the end of the day, Bigcommerce is much easier to navigate. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or HTML. It’s been designed for anybody to use. The time spent updating our site went down by 50% after moving to Bigcommerce.— Matthew Tara, CEO of Tucker Blair

BigCommerce & Magento

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Top 5 BigCommerce Alternatives

In the recent era of eCommerce, more and more companies are going online and desire to makes their business successful. Undoubtedly, Bigcommerce is a powerful and well-known platform, there are many reason that you might be considering and evaluating alternatives to this platform for developing a new online store or for migrating an existing one. There are major categories with eCommerce platform hosted and self-hosted. Hosted means that the company will host your store, whereas self hosted means with the help of software you have to get your own web hosting.

BigCommerce Alternatives

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Top 5 Challenges in Migrating to Magento ecommerce Site

In the competitive eCommerce industry, business owner always looking to edge over their competitor by providing unique selling experience to their customer and for that, they always need very scalable solutions for their online store. Choosing the Magento platform is the best option for them to withstand the current trends. There are number of eCommerce platform available like BigCommerce, Woocommerce, OpenCart, Shopify etc. so choosing the best can be daunting task. What to do if you already selected a platform that has not that much features as Magento. Sooner Migrating to Magento is the best answer for you.

Magento Migration Services

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Wearable Health Apps – The Future of Digital Healthcare Industry

There is a huge emerging market today for wearable health apps and devices. The apps are deemed to transform the field of medical science and wellness in incredible ways. Such apps are now available in plenty of fields like wellness and health care, security, sports, business operations, lifestyle, glamour, communication etc.

According to researches, the sale of wearable medical devices is expected to reach an annual 100 million by 2016 and the sale of sports related apps is deemed to reach 80 million by 2016. In the healthcare sector, themarket for the wearable technologies is expected to exceed $2.9 billion in 2016. Thus the wearable health devices and apps are being touted as the next big technological wave after tablets.

Wearable technology and devices in healthcare industry have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare market and this will help the patients as well as the clinicians to monitor the vital symptoms and signs of the crucial health parameters like ECG monitors, glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors etc.


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Magento Responsive Theme – How does it look on your Mobile?

In the mobile world, Smart phones and tablets are now become handy tool to browser internet, connect with friends on social media and buying a product with few taps on mobile. Use of mobile phone in eCommerce industries are increasing in such rapid speed that all major eCommerce players are making their website responsive.

Responsive website is a new way of designing a website in which website adjusts its look and feel based on device, platforms and browsers. It’s follow simple approach

“One website for all device, platform and browsers”

Magento responsive theme is a word to describe responsive design to sell your product using magento commerce platform. Responsive theme in magento allows user an easy access to browse catalog of products, product details, easy checkout, order history etc which help webmasters to increase their online sales and raise the return user ratio. Here are some basic points to know how magento theme looks on various platforms and which are the best alternative approaches used to show menu, sliders, layout etc. Continue reading