Website Re-engineering

Your old website is getting your business down – Re-engineer it for better business efficiency

Business processes outgrow their legacy software overtime. Website become old an inefficient, as businesses grow and if they are unable to cope up with the changing needs of the business. To ensure that the website or web enabled application keeps satisfying your specific business needs and requirements, you will need to reengineer them from time to time. Creative Glance Technologies is an expert website reengineering company that offers a range of reengineering services including:

Website/Legacy web application analysis

Analysis and Identification of new technology and platform

Platform and database migration

Streamlining applications and Version Migration

The developers at Creative Glance Technologies ensure that your core business rules and practices that have been implemented in your existing website/legacy application are properly maintained in the new system. Our focus is on offering clients a reengineered website that is a product of carefully mapping their business requirements and which has been seamlessly evolved to satisfy their existing needs and those of the future as well.

Don’t rely on an inefficient web application, get it reengineered by the best in the industry.


A comprehensive experience and expertise in reengineering diverse websites.


Quality focused approach for error free reengineering with zero data loss.


On time project delivery with robust code base with affodable pricing.


Continuous learning and development ensures knowledge of all the latest web technologies.


Ability to use and identify the latest technology for client benefit.


Understands all the process involved with the reengineering of a website.

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