eCommerce Store Migration

Switch to a shopping cart of your choice seamlessly and cost effectively.

Isn’t your eCommerce store achieving all the sales figures, you hoped to achieve? Maybe it’s time you migrated your store to another platform that has the potential to better your sales figures. Creative Glance Technologies has the proven expertise in this regard and we migrate your store to your chosen platform, in its entirety. We understand that you have put in a lot of effort to populate your shopping cart with all the products and their information, and we guarantee that your hard work is not lost when setting up your shopping cart on another platform.

Ecommerce Store Migration

We take great care to gather and import all your products into the new platform. Our eCommerce store migration specialists will first understand your requirements and goals and then identify the shopping cart that can satisfy all your expectations. Only then do we begin the process of migrating your existing store.

We have all the Expertise needed to migrate your eCommerce Store to your Platform of Choice.


A successful track record of migrating eCommerce stores while ensuring zero data loss.


Quick and convenient migration process that ensures that it meet client deadlines.


Expertise in all popularly used eCommerce platforms means we can effectively migrate your cart to any popular eCommerce platform.


Primary focus on a zero data loss approach ensures that no critical element of your existing shopping cart is lost during the migration.


Affordable migration solutions that cater to the needs of all clients irrespective of the size or scope of their existing online stores.


Ensuring stringent security during migration process, guaranteeing no unauthorized access to store data.

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