User Reviews – A must have features for your magento eCommerce store

Magento eCommerce comes with lots of feature to run your online store smoothly and effectively. It is getting more popularity because of niche feature like layer navigation filters, promotional activities features, effective checkout process and many more. One of the most important features of magento is its rating and review system for products.

A recent survey from “Digital Consumer Behavior Study “ says that 86% of the people read the product review before purchasing any product online. Importance of product review and rating can be easily understandable from the big players like Apple and Google. They allow user to rate application and comment on their purchased application because it helps other to buy such top ratted quality apps. You will notice with yourself that you will not spent $1 before reading such review while downloading application for your Smartphone. Does not this example show power of review and rating system for your digital store? Analysis proves that reviews on a product details page increase trust and validity of your website

User Reviews

Before we buy any product from any online website like eBay, Amazon or any physical store, we either check their product rating or check for physical store rating to make sure that we are dealing with safe hands and not wasting our money for useless items. Magento allows user to rate a product on various attributes like price, value, quality etc. It also allow admin user to create their own rating attribute as per their needs. There are so many reasons to have this feature enable for your online store.

Help to improve your product quality

Success of your online store is only depends on quality of your products. One of the wonderful benefits of review and rating system is that your customer will tell you what is good in your product and how they feel about your services and what they do not like while shopping from your website. Being an owner of a store, you can take action on negative reviews to enhance your product quality which ultimately shows your customer orientation selling behavior. Your Customers may not be good writers but they can help you to identify pros and cons from a list of rating attributes. What’s more, they can even suggest you some good product that you’ve not covered with your store.

Increase Sales and Credibility

“Word of mouth” is already proven successful marketing practice if you are selling product in your physical store. In digital media, Review and rating system has taken its place. It has the power to reach large audience around the world and it’s even faster than “word of mouth”. Reviews and opinions from other user helps user to take purchase decision faster. They feel more confident while buying products based on other user’s review which ultimately leads you more sales and more profit. User rating and review system also helps you to identify the strength and weakness of your customer care department. Taking action on weakness will increase your credibility and brand values

Improve your Search engine presence

All technology savvy people know that how search engine are working. All major search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo are always looking for content friendly website to rank high on their search engine. Their spider always searches for new user contributed content on website for better ranking. Frequently updated web pages with fresh user contributed content are awarded with higher rankings. Customer review and rating system helps webmaster to achieve this goal as his website will always get fresh content on his website’s product page.

With the help of rating and review system, you can best utilize the rich snippet functionality of Google. Rich Snippet allows you to show total number of rating and reviews in Google search result. These significantly grab the attention of site visitor and increase chances of your website visit.



In today’s digital and mobile commerce world, User contributed rating and review plays a vital role in your website’s success. Good review helps customer to buy product with confidence while bad reviews helps webmaster to raise their product standard as well as their customer orientation behavior. Apart from all, whether it’s positive or negative review, it helps to increase or social media and search engine visibility.