7 Awesome Android Apps Development Tools Every Developer Must Follow

Android device is the leading mobile operating system in the market. Basically, Android is the open-source project developed and maintained by Google. When it comes to creating an Android app with android software are easy task if you are aware of the basics and interested in the smart phone programming. For creating amazing Android app, you just require simple and easy to use tools.

It is found that there were more than billion activated Android devices in use globally. Many applications are being developed for smart phones, tablets and much more. If you are a professional Android developer, you must follow the several tools available and that make your job much easier. So, for ease out your work I have mentioned 7 online tools below that every Android developer should know about as well as it helps you to enhance your productivity and concentrate on the core app functionality itself.


1. NinjaMock:


NinjaMock is the perfect tool for Android and delivers all of the typical controls used in mobile apps and web design. It has all the features that you need to start prototyping apps for your mobile device. It makes it incredibly easy and fast to develop the entire concept and test usability for your app. It also helps you to share your ideas and test user interface design faster than ever before. The free version of NinjaMock has advanced prototyping features so it is excellent for creative people who want to sketch their own ideas quickly.

  • You can add your own images
  • Available with various screen elements (Tab button view, View, Spinner view, List view etc)
  • Icon and images
  • Generate Assets from the mock up
  • Custom stencils
  • Vector graphics
  • Page link visual indicators

“Android is one of the most open systems I’ve ever seen. What makes Android great is it’s literally designed from the ground up to be customized in a very powerful way.”

2. Genymotion:


Developer who suffer from using the official Google Android emulator they know that starting the emulator and running an app can be very tedious process. Therefore, Genymotion solves your problem by offering a free hardware accelerated Android emulator.
Genymotion is the fast and easy to use Android emulator to run and test your Android apps. It also allows running test outside of an application and offers support for all major devices. It is virtual device support various Android API levels and work seamlessly with Android Studio. Additionally, it supports different devices and all Android versions.

  • Fast, simple and powerful to use
  • Resizable window
  • Network quality
  • App installation via drop and drag
  • Network quality and performance emulation
  • Sensor emulation API
  • Open GL acceleration

3. Android Asset studio:


Android Asset Studio is the one-stop solution for your entire project requirement. Android Asset Studio offers you with several options from creating icons to styles for your action bar it simplify the development all together.
Now making an icon for your Android app is very easy with icon generator features of Android Asset Studio. Icon generators let you quickly and easily generate icons from existing source images, clipart or text.

  • It is available with Icon Generator
  • Simple nine Patch image generator
  • Action bar Style Generator
  • Android Holo Colours Generator

4. Corona:


Corona is the great framework for developing applications and games for mobile devices. It supports Android and other mobile operating systems as well. It is perfect framework for game development with 2D graphics. It is also designed to enable super-fast development. It has elegant APIs that make your complex features easy and allows you to see the changes instantly. Corona lets you to publish all the major platform and is best in class for code reusability.

  • You can create gorgeous and rich mobile application
  • Best for 2D game development
  • You can create elegant business application
  • It also offers utility for educational and kids applications

5. Icons4Android


If you are looking to give the professional touch to your application, Icon4Android is the best option for you. In addition, you can easily download the icons in a single ZIP and available in 5 different sizes and 12 different color scheme as well as all the icons is supported by Android. However, it has a large number of icons for developers categorized into different categories so you can easily find the perfect icon according to your requirement.

  • It has large collection of icons
  • Available with categorized list of icons
  • Every icon is available in 10 different colors
  • Icon comes with Android specific size like Ldpi, Mdip, Hdpi etc.
  • Submit and share your Icon easily

6. PhoneGap:


Now you can easily develop app using the web technologies like HTML, CSS and Java Script that you love with PhoneGap. PhoneGap is free and open source mobile application development that allows you to create a mobile app using standardize web APIs for the platforms you care about.
Snowbuddy, BrowserQuest and Rormix are the most popular app developed with using PhoneGap. In addition, this app has good features so you don’t need to learn Android APIs to make apps and you can even develop the app in the other devices as well.

  • Integrate cross-channel marketing
  • Mobile application management
  • Enterprise support and training
  • Native, Hybrid and web on all platform

7. Ubertesters:


Ubertesters offers you to categorize, execute, organize and monitor a mobile beta testing process with an easy and elegant way in real time. It is smart and flexible so you can set up easily. Additionally, it allows the app project manager within the organization to have full control of the testing process. If you done testing your app as much faster as you can then launching the app is very easily for you as well as it helps you to increase your revenue.

  • It is available with multi-platform supports
  • Over the air app distribution
  • It allows full control over the testing

Once you have decided to develop an app, it is important to create it with using the appropriate tool so this tool helps you a lot while developing and testing your mobile app. If you read this 7 awesome tools then it definitely helps you while developing Android app in a right way. Share your experience with us how it’s helpful to you in the below comment box.

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiay is a CEO of Creative Glance Technologies and Co-Founder of SocialPilot.co. He enjoys exploring new tools, writing on social media marketing practise and technology trends.
Jimit Bagadiya

Published by

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiay is a CEO of Creative Glance Technologies and Co-Founder of SocialPilot.co. He enjoys exploring new tools, writing on social media marketing practise and technology trends.

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