Must Have OpenCart Extensions That Give Your eCommerce Store An Edge

OpenCart is an excellent open source shopping cart platform that’s used by a number of businesses across the globe. One of the best features of the OpenCart is that you can connect the different extension to your website to provide added functionality. There are many extensions available but once you added to your store it will enhance your sales, cart’s functionality and shopping experience as well as promote your brand through social networking streamline customer transactions and more.
OpenCart extensions

If your targeted customers are looking for a shopping experience that is reliable, fast and extremely usable then OpenCart solution is the best for you. Here, I have explained 5 must have OpenCart extensions that you should consider adding to your website. It does not only feature rich but also has more than 3000 free and best extension for you to choose from. So explore their full features and see that how it works for you and for your eCommerce store.

You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.


Working with developers has never been easier. So, CodeManager is the easiest way for OpenCart owners to work along with developers and also it enables access to developers directly from your OpenCart admin and disable access once everything is done.

The CodeManager allows easy file management so you can create, edit and delete files. Now you don’t need to worry about uploading the pictures one by one because the features of CodeManger is easy Drag and drop way to upload lots of pictures to your server. In addition, it has also easy search option in files and folders.

• It also well suited with OpenCart 2.0x
• Web-based IDE framework
• Upload, download files and duplicate or change file permissions.
• Change permissions of files
• Simple upload, previews or view in full-screen option for product pictures
• It gives powerful search in files & folders
• Allows color themes for the file editor
• It is free extension and comes with community support

Yotpo Social Reviews:

YotPo product reviews

Yotpo is powerful product review solution available in the market and it helps you to generate lots of traffic and more sales to your store. The social feature allows store owners to share these reviews with their Facebook and Twitter communities. It also allows customers to write the review directly in their email inbox so it makes easy for them to leave feedback.

A trustworthy review converts your visitors into customers. With using Yotpo you can show reviews on your product pages or anywhere else on your site.Yotpo gives you the ability to strengthen your brand by customizing all elements like the mail after purchase and reviews. With using this customization tool, you can change the look and feel of your store easily.

• You can share reviews on Facebook & Twitter and lets your customers do the same.
• Reply to your reviews, publicly or privately.
• You can directly answer your visitors’ questions on the product page
• It provides coupons to your shoppers for writing and sharing reviews
• Choose products to promote and up-sell to likely buyer

Currency Rates:

Currency rates
If you are selling your products internationally, Currency Rates extension is must have. It allows you update foreign exchange rates automatically or manually so that your customers always know how much they are paying.

Currency rates is a great solution that updates your currency rates once a day and thus safeguarding your foreign exchange rates and keeping them up to date. It is fully compatible with open cart themes as well as the free extension and comes with community supports only.

• With one click, you can keep your currency rates up to date
• Automatically or manually, update currency rates on demand
• Powered by Yahoo Finance
• Excellent extension architecture – no core files overwritten


Blog/ News extension
Create your own blog section or post the latest news to attract more customers and increase sales. In the new version of news or blog extension, you can now insert authors and assign them to the article, the admin interface of the blog extension has been redesigned and it’s much more user-friendly. Database install and upgrade integrated into the admin news panel.

• Insert or edit articles as well as categories and sub categories
• Comment system for articles with admin moderation + level 1 replies to comments
• It offers Seo URLs and meta data for articles
• Custom page title and tags for articles
• Custom short description area
• You can put related articles in your blog
• Settings for article elements displayed in listings
• Facebook and Twitter meta tags for article pages
• Ability to use Facebook comment for articles
• You can able to add Disqus comments for article
• Youtube video easy form for article
• Image gallery for articles

Magic slideshow:

Magic slide show
Now you can create wonderful image slideshows on your OpenCart site with using the Magic Slideshow. The Magic slideshow extension offers a possibility to show one image after another in the rotation that looks like a slideshow. You can put slide shows on your homepage, product pages and category pages.

So, install this extension and edit your template where you want your slideshow. The Responsive theme for your store so whether you are using a large device or a small device, enjoys the perfect width slideshow. It is automatically scaling down to fit the user’s screen.

• It supports HTML content
• It offers keyboard navigation
• Responsive layout support
• With using your finger, you can swipe left and right to swap slides. Works on all handheld devices
• It allows full-screen option –Show an impressive full-screen version of your slideshow
• Full compatibility –Works in all browsers plus iPad and iPhone as well

If you want to attract more customers then remember to have those features, which people love and want to see. Adding these above OpenCart extensions will give simple, easy to use features on your store that customers enjoy and will surely came back to your store.

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiay is a CEO of Creative Glance Technologies and Co-Founder of He enjoys exploring new tools, writing on social media marketing practise and technology trends.
Jimit Bagadiya

Published by

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiay is a CEO of Creative Glance Technologies and Co-Founder of He enjoys exploring new tools, writing on social media marketing practise and technology trends.

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