Magento Development

What is magento customization development and PSD to magento services?

Magneto is an Open Source Web Application. In some measures it is afresh than others and it is an Ecommerce which represents Web 2.0 structure. Its growing features like facilitation and bluntness has made it current predominate Open Source Ecommerce System.

PSD is the photoshop extension which is used to save the file from the photoshop application and it is used by website designer. A good website design is essential but it is not enough at present time for giant competition. Websites must have a good design with better usability, and for better usability web designers have to convert their PSD.

Magento Ecommerce Platform combines the tractability of open source technology with industry leading features to allow for merchants exceptional control over online store operations and get the online sales successful through magento customization.

Magento is a very new Open Source system for E-Commerce. Magento is freely available under GNU license that you can use to start an Online Store with features such as catalog browsing/management, customer service/accounts, mobile commerce, order management, payments, shipping, etc. There is an enterprise version of Magento also available for a fee.

Main goal of magento customization is to provide store owners a remarkably wide range of flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of an Online Store.

PSD to Magento conversion and integration is needed as only design is not enough for booming business website. Suppose you have ecommerce website which customize in magento and your web designer make excellent and eye catching PSD for your website design but your website is being tedious for your users if it not provide better usability.

You conversion from PSD to Magento should be in high quality, hand coded, SEO optimized, cross browser compatible, XHTML/CSS markup ready magento theme. It is important that the time of conversation you should be careful for your design also. You should deal with both things, website design and its usability at the time of conversation. It is important to have pixel perfect design for your magento theme.

Try to make your renewed magento theme browser compatible. PSD to Magento conversion made by your web developer should be friendly to most commonly used, because if your ecommerce website is not cross browser compatible then its result in the uselessness of conversion. It is necessity to have W3C validate website design. Make sure that all PSD to Magento converted code are written manually by your web developer to ensure highly optimized code.

Original design of PSD should not be change after the Magento conversion and integration. All the conversions are done maintaining the originality of the design of structure. PSD to Magento conversion and integration is not an easy task so you can hire magento developer for magento customization, PSD to Magento conversions.

Whats new in magento


  • Added ability to use static URLs for media in WYSIWYG or image browser. Added ability to enable parsing store, skin and media directives on catalog frontend.
  • URL rewrites history: ability to auto-generate custom rewrite with redirect from old to new URL when changing product URL-key
  • Added ability to exclude a category from navigation menu
  • Various improvements in system configuration UI. Introduced ability to make actual configuration structure to be independent on the system.xml structure
  • Added “Only X left” inventory feature
  • Implemented Centinel functionality in iphone theme
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.3.3.2
  • Improved PayPal integration, includes:
    * Recurring payment profiles entity and purchasing of “subscription” products. In checkout they are treated as “nominal” items.
    * Billing agreements
    * “Pending Review” order state, “Pending Review” and “Suspected Fraud” order statuses and logic related with this. Triggers by PayPal IPR, FMF and Unilateral payments.
    * Functionality of transactions listing/searching and fetching from gateway
    * Fetching PayPal settlement reports via SFTP
    * Various improvements of PayPal integration on the frontend and admin UI
  • Added notice about creating offline creditmemo from order view page.
  • Added getter for recurring payment methods in payment helper.
  • Implemented abstract block ability to have arbitrary groups of child blocks and a method that returns such a group. Implemented a method that fetches data from child block by specified alias.
  • Implemented ability to specify “sort_order” instead of “before” and “after” in the totals declaration. All nominal totals declaration utilize “sort_order”
  • Added getter for specified object data by key in core/template block: method getObjectData()
  • Defined payment methods grouping, implemented getter for payment method list (with option to group them). Added ability to render grouped options in the “select” grid filter.
  • Moneybookers: utilized the payment methods grouping for all its methods; removed redundant “translate” attribute in the methods definition in config.
  • Utilized payment methods grouping for PayPal peyment methods.
  • Added more verbosity to PayPal NVP and IPN debugging

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Wow… Magento Launches Ver. 1.4

Today it was nice start of the day when i seen that magento has launched latest stable version that is  In new version,

* They have provided most awaited WYSIWUG editor with easy static block implementation for CMS and product pages.

* They also have now support “media” folder browsing to select existing file or upload images from admin panel itself rather then uploading images through FTP.

* From the first use of this latest version, I feel lots of speed improvement in website loading. Now they have started supporting indexing

There are other lots of changes they have made like

  • Implemented 3D Secure credit card validation (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Full reimplementation of PayPal modules, includes lot of new functionality and numerous bugfixes
  • Full review of frontend themes, introduced design cross-package fallback and the base/default theme. Includes SEO and accessibility enhancements. Changes are oriented to dramatically reduce themes maintenance.
  • Added ability to define arbitrary cache backends
  • Optimized performance of sales reports, added new sales report types
  • Added image/media uploader/browser, that can browse entire media folder
  • Optimized performance of search indexer
  • Made order processing workflow more informative and severe
  • Reimplemented 404 and report pages, introduced 503 page, specifically for maintenance purposes
  • Improved javascript files merging, added CSS files merging
  • Added Widgets functionality, added several widgets out of the box
  • Added Custom Variables functionality
  • Added lot of new System Configuration options
  • Improved order placement reliability
  • Added WYSIWYG for CMS and Catalog
  • Optimized cache initialization during startup
  • Optimized export from grids in admin area
  • Improved tax and discount totals calculation
  • Replaced admin notification flash popup into a simple HTML overlay
  • Implemented product and category URLs per store view
  • Added ability to configure entry point using virtualhost environment configuration, rather than creating another physical entry point
  • Optimized simple product view without custom options

Now we are very excited to start working on this latest version. we shortly add our latest portfolio website in magento 1.4 version.

Why to choose Magento Commerce for ecommerce website?

Since new technologies arrives to the internet market, Online ecommerce store owner moving towards to change their ecommerce store with new look and functionalities. There are many open source are available to start ecommerce website. Among them Magento is one the top rated open source for ecommerce store setup. The reasons are its vast set of functionality and reach administrator control over the store. Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform offering complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of an online store

Here is the list of functionality that magento have

  1. Analytics and Reporting
    • Integrated with Google Analytics
    • Admin Dashboard for Report Overview
    • Sales Report
    • Tax Report
    • Best Viewed Products Report
    • Best Purchased Products Report
    • Low Stock Report
    • Coupon Usage Report
    • Total Sales Invoiced
    • Total Sales Refunded
    • Best Customers Report by Total and Number Orders
  2. Catalog Browsing Reporting
    • Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products
    • Static Block tool to create category landing pages
    • Configurable search with auto-suggested terms
    • Recently viewed products
    • Product comparisons
    • Cross-sells, Up-sells and Related Items
    • Popular Search Terms Cloud
    • Filter by Product Tags
    • Product Reviews
    • Product listing in grid or list format
    • Breadcrumbs

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