CakePHP – A great MVC based Web Development Framework

In the world of website, Daily thousands of new websites are getting added in internet. Many of them are just static websites for information and many are dynamic where it has lots of functionalities. For dynamic website, Web Development Company either uses custom web development approach or uses open source to achieve their requirement. There are so many open sources like WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Joomla etc are available which are developed by open community members and support high level of features with proper security measures.

In custom development scenario, Website Development Company has to take care of all aspect of securities and future enhancement capabilities. Also they have to follow industry coding standard for providing high level of scalability and stability. To achieve all these, Model-View-Controller is the best approach. CakePHP is one of the best MVC framework used by almost all major IT company for custom web development projects.

MVC Framework:  CakePHP follow MVC pattern. Its nicely use Model to perform database related task, Controller to handle web request and View to output data with nice formatting.

ORM: Object Relational Mapping is a programming technique in which there is model class for each database table. In this class, you can define all validation rules for each field, relation with other tables to perform join relation. You can also implement callback function to perform pre/post action especially for database related query.

Components, Helpers, Behaviors: CakePHP has nicely implemented the concept of reusability of code. If you have your own custom function or custom logic which you want to reuse many times in your code, you can nicely implement those with the help of components and helpers.

AJAX Support:  Cakephp has inbuilt helpers of AJAX to implement asynchronized request. You can easily implement ajax based form submit and event observer.

URL Rewriting: CakePHP has easy way to change your URL look to make it more SEO friendly. You can also twist those parts to achieve proper formatted url which user can easily remember and Crawler can also easily access.

CRUD Scaffolding: Just like other MVC framework, CakePHP have the feature of CRUD and Scaffolding. In every project, Create, Read, Update and Delete are the basic requirement. Using CakePHP consol. We can easily implement this functionality with single line of command. It helps to save time and allows rapid development.

CakePHP has many more feature which can help for rapid development with proper industry standard coding style. If you are looking to hire CakePHP Developer for your website development project, we have a team of expert CakePHP developer.